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С Новым годом, дорогие друзья
Дорогие коллеги, партнеры и друзья, компания «Авто Трэвел», журнал «Автокемпер» и «Клуб караванеров» поздравляют вас с Новым 2009 годом. Мы надеемся, что следующий год будет для вас успешным во всех отношениях. Желаем вам смелых, интересных путешествий и достижения поставленных целей. [IMG]/Portals/0/img/forum_upload2/nn/NYcard2009.jpg[/IMG]
Russia. Guide for caravanners
In the XIV century travellers told, that in Moscow live only giants covered by the wool. Then, for a long time, everyone thought, that in Russian cities wander bears on the streets, and all Russians – are gloomy mans, wearing cap with ear-flaps. After the reorientation, bears were replaced by bandits and mans from KGB. Of course, this all facts about Russia didn’t attract tourists. And for the long time Europe and the whole world didn’t know so much about such a country, named Russia, where wild people live and whence the sent missionaries not always come back. Till now foreign tourists go for the rest to the other countries. The reason for that is – the tours to Russia are very expensive, but the quality of services is not so good. Until recently Russia has been closed not only for traditional tourism, but also for one of the largest tourist groups in the Europe and America – caravanners. Not so many people go to Russia on the motorhome, because of bad roads and absence of the developed infrastructure. But someone understand, that Russian roads are not the worst roads in the world. The staffs in the majority of hotels, and usual rural facilities have already got used to the unusual tourists on the motorhomes, and give with the great pleasure the necessary service for them. If you don’t need the electricity, then you can spend the night everywhere, where you like: on the edge of a wood, in the forest, or on the bank of the picturesque river. And, please believe, that to sleep in the motorhome in Russia isn’t not so much dangerously, than in the whole Europe. And there is enough places, where you can stop, fill motorhome with pure water, connect it to the electricity and so on. In the near future the problem with Russian roads will be hardly solved. Though in many directions was outlined the positive dynamics. The situation with the campings construction seems to be better. A lot of bases of the rest and hotel complexes already have begun the construction of campings and making places especially for motorhomes. But some time will pass, until Russian campings will be like in Europe. Now, there are a lot of hotels and motels with parking places for motorhomes. Also, there is a lot of free-of-charge parking. In the advertising release of the guidebook across Russia, which we have prepared specially for Caravan show in Düsseldorf, we have collected the information necessary for those people, who gathers in a trip across Russia on the motorhome. In this release we have collected the information about all paid and free-of-charge parking on the line Е 105/M10 between St.-Petersburg and Moscow. In the edition you can find the exhaustive information about the services on campings, bases of rest, hotel complexes. In the near future the Russian Club of Caravanners together with the “ Autocamper “ magazine and the company « Auto travel » will let out the full edition of the directory. We plan to create the exclusive edition, which will be useful for everyone who travels with motorhomes and cars. Uniqueness of the Russian guidebook on campings will consist, that we’ll give the information, concerning the Russian and European parking and campings. In this guidebook you’ll find the information about Russian and European campings, beginning with the description of an entrance, a place, various details, and finishing with the contact information. Also, we are starting the Internet-project. On a site [URL=http://www.avtotravel.com]www.avtotravel.com[/URL] you can find the interactive card with paid and free-of-charge parking. On the site, it will be possible to find a suitable camping under the name, place or region. With the help of an expanded search, users can find camping, which will satisfy to all conditions. The site will find for you campings, which you can thoroughly study: to see photos, to read the responses, to learn camping equipment, to find parking phone and coordinates, for hammering it into the navigating system. We invite to cooperation tourist complexes, hotels, campings, tourist bases and tour agencies, which organize trips to Russia. The additional information about the guidebook it’s possible to receive in an edition of the “Avtokemper” magazine or on the site [URL=http://www.avtotravel.com]www.avtotravel.com[/URL].
Choosing hotel, motel, camping,paid or free parking
[B]Hotel[/B] The structure of the tourists reception, intended for the tourists accommodation in a structure, or complex of structures, which give tourists in appropriate way equipped rooms or apartments, renders specific services, has a service bureau and the areas for laying tables indoors. [B]Hotel-apartment [/B]The structure of the tourists reception, intended for the tourists accommodation in a structure, or in a complex of the structures, consisting of apartments or one-room numbers, where the tourists can storage and cooking, and also eat in their premise. [B]Hostel[/B] Inexpensive hotel with the limited service. Gives paid accommodation for the young people, travelling on foot, on bicycles and so on. [B]Botel[/B] Small hotel on the water. Structure of the tourists’ reception, accommodated tourists on the water vessels (sea/river courts), specially equipped for travel or like a floating hotel, which is strengthened on an anchor in ports or in special places. [B]Mini-hotel[/B] Hotel with up to 40 rooms. As a rule, settles down in a business center or in a apartment house. The level of numbers corresponds to 3-4 stars “greater” hotels. The most part of mini-hotels settles down in the center of the city. Mini-hotel is a new flow in the Petersburg hotel business. Small low private hotels with a quantity of rooms from four up to twenty, completely correspond to the European standards. As a rule, they placed in the historical part of the city. Each mini-hotel have their own style - from the courageous modern design up to an ancient classical interior with modeled ceilings and operating fireplaces. [B]Boarding house[/B] Small private hotel (5-10 rooms) in which the owner or the family will service for visitors, which live usually in the same building. [B]Bungalow[/B] Small tourist hotel (usual the easy structure, situated on the seacoast). It is widespread in a youth tourist centers. [B]Holiday resort[/B] Hotel, which visitors arrive for having a rest. [B]Motel[/B] The hotel for autotourists, located, as a rule, behind the settlement in immediate proximity from the important road highways. Equipped both for accommodation, and for the parking of vehicles in the full safety conditions. Have no signs of the big city hotel – like restaurant, bar, conference hall and so on. Motel is not depended for staying there for a long time. To spend the night in a comfort – this is about motel. The high level of the convenience is guaranteed, and there is no need in booking the rooms. There are sometimes chargeable guarding parkings, where you can stay for the night on the motorhome. [B]Campsite[/B] Camp for the autotourists, located in a country site (small summer houses, tents with elementary convenience). The structure of the tourists reception, intended for accommodation of tourists with campers or in wooden small houses, tents or motorhomes, equipped parking, cooking and rendering of additional services. [B]Parking place. Place for vehicle parking [/B][I]CHARGEABLE PARKING PLACES [/I] Guarded chargeable parking place for motor transport. The cost of such parking varies from 4 to 8 euros per day. On the territory there is a cafe or restaurant, motel and refueling. It is possible to stay for the night there, in spite of the fact, that it can be noisy there. Chargeable parking places, on which territory there is a restaurant, motel and so on can give to the caravanners everything necessary, that he need: refueling with a clear water, fusing wastewater. Connection to electricity is, in most cases, impossible.. [I]FREE PARKING PLACES and places of the rest[/I] Such parking are located along the basic lines and highways. Represent, basically, from 0,5 up to 1 hectares of the asphalted district. There are refuse bins on the. It is not good to choose such place for the night, because it is very noisy and unsafe. Such free parking places are good for making there a short rest in the afternoon.
Amenability for the infringement in the traffic sphere
The traffic police in Russia is called GIBBD (government inspection of the road safety). The traffic rules in Russia are generally the same as in Europe. The cameras are installed on the major motorways and city avenues and GIBBD inspectors usually like to hide in the most unimaginable places and then jump out of the trees to stop your car and show you what their radar detected. Forget about brides. They say that GIBDD is famous for its flexibility. Not now! If you depart from a rule and stopped by GIBDD, don’t give a bribe. The GIBDD worker has to give you a receipt, which you can pay in any branch of the Russian Savings Bank of within 14 days. Also, you shouldn’t worry if you get stopped even if you are sure, that you did nothing wrong: the check-ups are regular and if your documents are OK, it will take one minute for the inspector and he will wish you a nice journey. Here is the Amenability for the infringement in the traffic sphere
Safety in Russia
Russia is a pretty safe place, inspite of all the lurid crime stories you hear. You don’t have to worry about The Mafia – you don’t have even 1% of the sum they are interested in. Of course, there is a street crime, but probably, not as much as in your own capital city. Naturally, stay away from the drunks. They are unlikely to harm you, but are as erratic as any other drunks, and you are likely to see more in Russia than elsewhere. Always carry your passport and visa with you in Moscow and St Petersburg – not so vital in other places, although technically you are required to. Take care on the roads too. Russians have no respect for pedestrians, although this is not so true outside the big cities. A fondness for alcohol, tatty roads and a might-is-right attitude means Russia’s accident rate on the roads is fairly horrendous. In terms of safety, you will definitely have to look out more for your camper, than if you traveled in Europe, we recommend to leave your car only at secured sites (or, at least arrange with somebody to look after your car for a fee - 100 Rub-200 Rub ($3-$6) per day should be enough). However, it’s not as dangerous as it used to travel in Russia with a car anymore. Nowadays criminals found other sources of incoming and there’s lots of police along the way, which creates another problem of frequent police checks. There will be no problems though if your documents are OK. Be cautious on the refuelling. By the filling your motorhome, watch, that the servicer has filled with a benzine a tank with fuel, instead of a tank with water. There are not so many motorhomes in Russia, that’s why, the servicer can make a mistake. So, before going to pay for a fuel, be convinced, that the hose is in a correct place. To can fill the gas-cylinder on the special filling stations. In large cities you can fill the standard German gas-cylinder almost in all fill stations. Generally, Russia is the same as any European country in terms of health risks. So, if you’re OK living in Europe, US, Canada, Australia or elsewhere you don’t need to take any special preventive measures before coming to Russia. Take care of yourself and everything will be ok. Russia is not more dangeorous than european contries. [B]EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS [/B] Fire – 01; 911; 112 Police – 02; 911; 112 Ambulance – 03; 911; 112 Gas emergency service – 04 [B]Telephone Tips during Emergencies[/B] How to report Emergencies: Speak slowly and clearly. State your name, location of the emergency and telephone number. Provide as much information as possible: Who you are Who is involved What is wrong Where you are Stay on the telephone and follow any instructions that the 911 dispatcher (emergency operator) may give Calling 9-1-1 from a pay phone is free. If service is interrupted, pay phones will be restored before residential service
In Russia you will find an immense range of shopping opportunities . It is necessary to allow extra time for souvenir hunting: shopping can be a time-consuming activity, owing to the relatively chaotic state of the retail trade in the Russian Federation. Whether in antique and souvenir shops, or in gigantic, trendy department stores, Russia is always at its best: glamorous and incredible. If you are sticking to the major cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, you should generally find all the products you require. [B]Shopping hours[/B] Shops are usually open Monday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Department stores and supermarkets open through lunchtime, and 24 hour shops are growing in popularity. [B]How to pay[/B] Please note that you will need to use rubles or credit cards to effectuate your payments in Russia. Unfortunately, you will not be able to pay with your personal or travelers’ checks. Ruble is the only legal tender on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Foreign currency should only be exchanged at official bureaux and authorised banks, and all transactions must be recorded on the currency declaration form which is issued on arrival. It is wise to retain all exchange receipts. Most department stores have on-site currency exchange offices where you can get Russian rubles exchanging foreign currency cash, getting a cash advance on your credit cards Old and tarnished foreign currency bills and coins will not be accepted at banks and exchange offices - money changers want to deal with pristine banknotes only. Although in major cities there appear more restaurants and shops welcoming credit cards, in some cases you will have to pay in cash. Cash in rubles, however, remains the preferred option. If you are going to travel to smaller Russian cities, make sure you have cash, as credit cards are not widely accepted in Russian provinces. [B]Banking hours[/B] Banks are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m to 17:30 p.m.The local currency is the Ruble (RUB), available in denominations of 5,000, 1,000, 500, 100, 50 and 10. Coins are in denominations of 10, 5, 2 and 1 RUB, and 50, 10, 5 and 1 kopeks. [B]Shops[/B] Historically, the main shopping districts of Moscow have been concentrated in the city centre, along Tverskaya ulitsa and Novy Arbat. Luxury designer stores like Cerutti, Versace, Hermès, Gucci, Armani, and Prada have settled along pedestrianised Stoleshnikov pereulok, Kuznetsky Most, and Tretyakovsky proyezd. On Kutuzovsky prospekt, off Novy Arbat, you’ll find Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, and Fendi boutiques. Along with Stary Arbat, which has been particularly spruced up for the tourist trade, these streets are your best bets. In St. Petersburg, the central shopping district is Nevsky prospekt and the streets running off it. Don’t expect too many bargains beyond the pirated CDs and videos (which could be confiscated at customs in your home country!), however, because prices for items such as clothes and electronic goods are just as high as in the West, and in the chic stores in hotels they are even higher. [B]Food[/B] It follows to buy products in hypermarkets (Mega, Okey, Lenta, Ashan). It is not recommended to buy products in the markets and in small stores.
Navigation systems. Find your own way
The necessity in a good navigation is known to everyone. Going to a travel across Russia, it would be less desirable to lose the road, having lost a lot of time, or having spoiled the nerves, asking the natives to an optimum route. Russia, as well as all civilized world uses the navigating systems for orientation on the districts. One of the suppliers of the software, services for navigation and cartography (GPS, GLONASS), focused on the markets of Russia and the CIS countries is the Joint-Stock Company “CNT” (“ ЦНТ &ldquo[IMG]/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/Custom/emoticons/wink.gif[/IMG], the manufacturer of the Navitel Navigator package. Navitel Navigator — is a navigating system for the communicators, PC with the GPS-module and autonavigators (PND), supplied with a Glonnas/GPS- receiver. The program is intended not only for the motor-car enthusiasts, but also for the pedestrian walks through the city, or on a cross-country terrain. In the navigating system there are the detailed vector maps of the Russian cities and areas, with names of the streets, numbers and contours of houses (specific opportunity of the Navitel), underground stations, the gas stations, restaurants, railways, woods, rivers, lakes and another important and the helpful information, which facilitate the orientation both in a megapolis, and behind its limits. With the help of the Navitel Navigator it is possible to use maps, created and updated by users, in a popular cartographical editor GPSMapEdit. Navitel gives the information about all Russian roads. Also detailed maps with the address plan for 145 cities and settlements of Russian 28 regions. You can always find the information at a cartographical forum of a site of the company - [URL=http://www.navitel.su]www.navitel.su[/URL]. Besides all this functions, Navitel will warn you about approaching the place of enhanced attention (SPEEDCAM) and will suggest you to lower the speed. [B]Primary opportunities[/B] Navitel Navigator uses the signals of the satellite GLONASS navigation or GPS and displays a current site of the user direct on the card. Navitel Navigator is capable to say to the driver when and where it is necessary to turn on automatically laid route, to predict an arrival time to a point of purpose, to inform about the actual speed and make all functions, like many other navigating systems. The search — « there will be everything, you need » The search on the cards is carried out by a principle « there will be everything, you need », in a view of the Russian specificity of addressing (building, structure, possession, double addressing, etc.). By knowing exactly the address, users of Navitel Navigator will easily find it on a map of the city, and the predictive search system (principle T9) will allow even more quickly and more conveniently to type the streets and cities name on the telephone keyboard. [B]Navitel maps are: [/B]Maximum geographical covering. The company offers detailed navigation in Russian 83 regions. At the present time the address base (numbers and contours of houses) are accessible to 145 cities of 28 regions. The list continuously extends. It is the maximal scope among the producers of the navigating software. Complete list of the maps with their characteristics with the information you can find on the site of the company: [URL=http://download.navitel.su/Kartograficheskoe_pokrytie_Navitel.zip]http://download.navitel.su/Kartograficheskoe_pokrytie_Navitel.zip[/URL] Urgency with a high accuracy of the maps (navigating base). All maps are executed on the basis from II quarter 2008. the information is updated often than 1 time in a quarter. The skeleton is exposed to careful processing, in each region are making the full-scale field testing by the crews. Absolute legality of all data of navigating bases. All maps are licensed by the leading cartographical organizations of the country. The company actively cooperates with the Federal Agency on the Geodesy and Cartography (http: // [URL=http://www.roskart.gov.ru/]www.roskart.gov.ru/[/URL] ), which unit the most authoritative Russian enterprises, which work for many years in the cartography sphere. There are licences to all maps. Informative navigating base. All maps are made in the Russian format standard, with a full hydrography (rivers, lakes), railways and stations. There are more than 75’ 000 “ points of interest » on the cards(so-called POI); their information is constantly updated (not less than 1 time in a quarter).
Route planner. Planning in Russia
It is known, that the caravanners travel begins with the trip planning. Earlier it began with the buying the guidebook or the literature about the country, which were going to visit, learned all information and made a route. Thus, the most part of the information for the traveller remained for the staff. And the trip became more, than unpredictable, besides. Now, before going to a way, it is possible in a mode of virtual time to make test drive of the coming holiday. After designated the countries, which you are going to visit, you have a chance in good time to pass all your route. There are some sites in the internet, which help travellers to plan a route up to trifles and to count practically each step. There are schedulers of travel for this purpose. By the results of the analysis, lead by the employees of the Yahoo portal, inquiry « the scheduler of travel » appears in ten the most popular inquiries in a German segment of the Internet. The majority of European people travels independently, without using travel companies, that’s why the scheduler of travel is very necessary for them. In Google by the entering the simple inquiry « route planner », we’ll receive the list of different sites. With the help of the most schedulers it is possible to plan a route, to count up the distance, to calculate, how much fuel you need, and receive the information, regarding the hotels. On some sites it is even possible to reserve a room. However, even the best European sites-schedulers, like viamichelin.de, mappy.de, map24.com give extremely scanty information about Russia, or even do not give it at all. In these sites we haven’t found the exhaustive information across Russia. There are some similar sites in the Russian Internet. The majority of them are simply meters of the distances. The site [URL=http://ati.su/Trace/]http://ati.su/Trace/[/URL] will help to define the distance between cities. Here you can choose the most shortest or the fastest way. The site licard.ru is much less informative, than previous, but shows a route on a card. The site eAtlas.ru lays a route on a scaled card, shows types and numbers of roads and turns. But sometimes it does not designate borders, even between the states, does not specify speed of movement. The inconvenience, that there is no completely opportunity an interdiction of any points (for example, it is impossible to exclude ferries or the certain regions, etc.). And the information about campings and parking is on such sites absent at all. In the internet there are only counters of distances, high-grade schedulers of travel while, unfortunately, are not present. Probably, in the near future the situation will change . [B]Internet[/B] By the preparation of a trip to Russia, it is necessary to find all information. If you’ll not find all information about Russia on the European sites, then you can find it on Russian sites, for example [URL=http://www.yandex.ru]www.yandex.ru[/URL]. Into a line of inquiry, you have to enter a word or a word-combination in Russian language. If you need to translate some phrases or even the whole site, then you can make it with the help of a on-line translator, like http: // [URL=http://www.online-translator.com]www.online-translator.com[/URL] or http: // [URL=http://www.worldlingo.com]www.worldlingo.com[/URL].
The biggest country in the world
It took many years for Russia to grow and develop as a country. Chronicle the history of Early Russia began in the year 862. That year Rurik became the first Russian prince having merged Novgorod and Kiev. In 988 Prince Vladimir, the Red Sun, baptised Russia. After the adoption of Christianity churches and monasteries sprang up in the country. The beautiful cathedrals and churches of Early Russia still stand in their glory. From the X-th to the XII-th centuries Russia was a progressive Christian state. In the XV-th century, the Romanov Dynasty continued this expansion. Eventually, under the rule of Peter the first, the conquered land mass was extended to the Baltic Sea and the whole territory was renamed the Russian Empire. More territories were conquered during the XIX-th century and then later, in 1917, the imperial household was overthrown. Communism took a hold of the country. In December 1991, the USSR was splintered into fifteen independent republics and it has since struggled to build a good democratic political system. [B]Location and geographical position[/B] The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It occupies about one-seventh of the earth’s surface. It’s total area is about 17 million square kilometers. The country is washed by 12 seas of 3 oceans : the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Arctic. Russia borders with many country. They are : Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Finland, the Baltic states, Belorussia and the Ukraine. It also has a sea border with the USA. The geographical coordinates for Russia are 60 00 N, 100 00 E. The land of Russia varies very much from forests to deserts, from high mountains to deep valleys. The main mountain chains are the Urals, the Caucasus and the Altai. There are a lot of great rivers and deep lakes on its territory. The longest rivers are the Volga-River in Europe and the Ob-River, the Yenisei-River and the Lena-River in Asia. The largest lakes are Ladoga and Baikal. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and its water is the purest water in the world. As Russia occupies vast territories there are various climatic zones in the country. Continental climate, with cold winters and warm summers prevails on the territory of Russia. The Russian Federation is rich in natural and mineral resources. It has the deposits of oil, gas, coal, iron, gold and many others. [B]Natural Resources[/B] Russia is rich in mineral deposits such as coal, oil, and natural gas, as well as iron ore, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, aluminium, and tin. Natural resources determine the development of the Russian economy. Russia’s heavy industries produce much of the nation’s steel and most of its heavy machinery. [B]People[/B] Russia is densely populated, but its population is unequally distributed. People prefer to live in the European part of the country. Siberia is thinly inhabited. There are more than sixty nationalities and ethnic groups in Russia. Russia is an urban country - the majority of the Russian citizens live in cities. The current population of Russia is more than 150 million people. The European part of the country is densely populated, and the most population live in cities and towns and their outskirts. 82% of the population are Russians. The capital of the Russian Federation is Moscow, with the population of about 10 million people. [B]Communications[/B] Facilities for Telephones, cellular phones, radio and television stations have been firmly established in the country for some time now. The internet is also readily available and is used by a large portion of the countries inhabitants. [B]Places of interest [/B] There are many places of interest in Russia. There are a lot of historical monuments, museums, art galleries and theatres in the Moscow. The Historical Museum, the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery are known all over the world. The Bolshoy, Mali and Art theatres are famous too. The Kremlin - the oldest historical and architectural centre - is the heart of Moscow. St. Petersburg is the second Russia’s largest city. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, has played an important role in Russian history. St. Petersburg is proud of its rich architecture, that includes the cathedral of the Peter-Paul Fortress, the Summer Palace, the Winter Palace, the Smolny Convent, the Kazan and St. Isaac’s cathedrals, the Smolny Institute, the new Admiralty, and the Senate. There are many important educational and scientific research centres in St. Petersburg. Among these are: the University of Saint Petersburg, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Institute of Mines, and the Military Medical Academy.St. Petersburg is a city of culture. There are a lot of theatres and concert halls there. And, of course, St-Petersburg is proud about Peterhof, Pavlovsk and Pushkin. The “Golden Ring” is a very popular tourist route. It includes towns and villages in the north-eastern part of the former State of Muscovy. It is rich with historical and architectural monuments. Among the most notable towns of the “Golden Ring” route are Pereslavl-Zalessky, the birthplace of the Russian Prince Alexander Nevsky; Rostov Veliky, the finest and largest town of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky’s principality; Borisoglebsky, the Fortress-Monastery, founded for the protection of the travellers; Uglich, the tragic stage of Tsarevich Dmitry death; Kostroma, known for its elaborate churches and cathedrals; Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Suzdal, and others. All these towns played a very important role by making of the state of Russia. The history of Vladimir dates back to the year 1108 when it was founded by Vladimir Monomakh. Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky moved his capital from Kiev to Vladimir in 1157. In 1160 he invited craftsmen to build the Assumption Cathedral. By the 15-th century the city declined. Now Vladimir is famous for its architecture of early Russia. Suzdal was the capital of Yury Dolgoruky’s Rostov-Suzdal Principality. After the fall of Kiev Suzdal became a religious, political and economic centre of medieval Russia. Many of its monasteries and convents are associated with the banished princes and nobility. Numerous churches and monasteries were built in Suzdal during the reign of Andrew Bogolyubsky. In the 13-th and 14-th centuries Suzdal-Vladimir principality disintegrated. I am sure that everything that our foreign guests will see in Russia they will never be able to forget.
Our choice. Free parking places and places for the rest
[B]Free parking places and places for the rest[/B] In Russia signs of the service such as: a sign of the motel, free parking place, camping and place for the rest frequently establish anyhow. Therefore you have to guide only on the actual site of a parking or motel. “Parking” is a place for the motor transport parking and which is free for everyone. The exclusion makes such parkings, which have special sign. Free parking places usually look like a big asphalted ground (0,5 – 1 hectares). At the best it will be possible to find the container for garbage on such parking. With a rare exception, it will be not so pure, noisy and unsafe place. To stop here in the afternoon, for resting the driver is very comfortable here. But, if you are going to spend the night, then it is not recommended. On such parking is usually not so noisy, but very unsafe. In Russia near the parking places there are usually cafe, restaurant, motel and a gas station. And, after a while, the parking will become chargeable. Such parking cost from 3-6 EUR per night. The incontinuous parking on similar sorts to parking will be free. With a sign “place of the rest” on idea we should mark places, which are equipped by benches, biotoilets, mangals, containers for garbage. Unfortunately, In Russia, with such sign would marked all free parking where the aforesaid has been established, but after a while has removed to the property of local natives. [B]The house where music was born [/B] Not far from the line Moskau-Petersburg on the 97/820 km. wrapped up by the greens of the ancient trees, visitors of the Klin city, meets the State House-museum of Tchaikovsky. It is important to know, that though the Russian system of traffic signs is identical to European, the sign “sight” in Russia looks like, distinct from European and represents the white tablet with an inscription. The European, which does not know Russian language, will not understand this sign. The parking near the museum has been chosen by the edition of the guide like the best free parking place for caravanners on a line Moscow – Petersburg. The area of parking represents the asphalted platform (2 hectares). The territory is silent, quiet and pure. “It is necessary for me, I feel it, to have a habitation in the village, or, in the Klin city, for having a silent corner for my work. Besides the habit to the Klin city plays a big role here “, - wrote in a due time the great composer. Here, straight to the entrance to the Klin city, Tchaikovsky has lead years of the highest blossoming of the creativity. It is enough to tell, what exactly had been composed in this house “Queen of spades” and “Nutcracker”, “the Sleeping beauty” and the Sixth symphony. By the entrance is the well-known tablet: “Tchaikovsky’s. Reception hours: 15.00 - 17.00. The owner is not at home! “. It is said, that there were a lot of visitors by Tchaikovsky was so much, but he did not love them, because he could not work. However, this small lie in rescue did not rescue. Nowadays the Tchaikovsky museum – is a national center of a name of the composer. There are here about 200 0000 exhibits, which are connected with a Tchaikovsky life. The museum organize and makes exhibitions as in Russia, and abroad. Here you will see the unique grand piano of Tchaikovsky, which usually sounds three times a year – on the birth of the great musician, on his name-day and on the International musical festival.
Our choice. Motels and chargeable parking places
It is not so easy to choose a parking place. So, that’s why you have to look for the hotels and recreation centres, in which territory there are parking places. By the travel from Petersburg to Moscow, we have chosen one motel, which from our point of view, gives the best fit for the travellers on the motorhomes. When you are going from Petersburg to Moscow, then you will pass the Chudovo city. All travellers associate this city with motel, gas station, roadside cafe and, perhaps, with a crowd of Gypsy, offering to learn the truth about own destiny. Motel “ Chudovo “ which is situated on the 581 km on the line E 105, is from our point of view the best in this category. In the past this small town Chudovo was famous not only with the railway and affinity to Petersburg. Not so many people know, that a large period of the time is connected with the creation of the Russian poet Nekrasov. A House-museum N.A.Nekrasov is situated not far from the line and works from 10.00 till 18.00, the day off - Monday and the last Wednesday month (Tel. +7 (816 65) 5 42 67). If you stooped in the hotel, then you can visit the museum and see, where does the Russian poet live. The gas station PTK (ПТК) is famous for the caravanners with the free presence in European service. PTK– is the second-largest operator of the gas station in the region, which has bought one year ago the refueling business from Novgorod holding “Sigma “. Except for the gas station PTS has received the motel. So, that’s why is the motel “ Chudovo “ one of the best places on a line. On many parking PTK it is possible to pump up the wheels and to fill the motorhomes with water. Such service is given by many, but by all stations, situated on a line. The guarded parking costs 120 Rub. per night. For the caravanners there are toilets, showers, laundry washer and dryers for linen. On the territory there is a restaurant and the kitchen block. [B]Tasty food in a good mood[/B] The road complex «Pit-stop» («Пит-стоп» ), which takes place on 192 km of the М10 route «Russia» (Moscow – Saint-Petersburg), in 15 км from the town Tver, in the country Poddubki (Поддубки), was chosen as the best place for the rest. «Пит-стоп» consists of the hotel, restaurant and cafe. The big parking for trucks, lorries and cars takes place on adjacent territory . This parking is guarded and fitted out with video surveillance. It opens twenty-four-hour and work without day off. The hotel is situated on the Russian Federal highway, which makes it very attractive especially for those who travel between two cities. Recreation center is intended for drivers, autotravellers and big buses with tourists, who are traveling on Moscow – Saint-Petersburg highway. Friendly services and an unmatchable relaxed welcoming atmosphere. This accommodation has all of the amenities and levels of comfort you would expect from a hotel in its class. The dinning room is working round-the-clock without day offs. In menu you can find a variety of different dishes: first and second courses, side dishes, salads, baking, that will satisfy every gourmet.There is a lot of special dishes on religious holidays. The menu changes daily. It allows to keep always wide assortment of constant dishes and please visitors with tasty novelties. There is a big parking place for cargo and automobile motor transport with round-the-clock protection and video observation in the territory adjoining to a dining room. It costs 100 roubles/3 euros per the day.
Our choice. Camping site
Camping «Klyovoye myesto» (Клевое место) On the line E 105/M10 between St.-Petersburg and Moscow there are practically no campings of the European sample. In other words, there are no parking intended only for those who travels with the motorhomes. Along the line there are parking near motels and hotels, where you can find all services like in camping: a special place for pluming the wastewater or clearing the biocapsule of the toilet, separate showers, guarding and where it is possible connection to electricity. Usually, have such parking an asphalt covering. Also, there is on the territory the restaurant or a café. In some hotels there are even saunas. Usually, campings give only such services, not more. Such parking has a lack - very bad noise insulation. Parking or motels are situated near the line, so, it would be difficult to fall asleep under the noise of passing vans. But, if you have time, then you can move down from a line on some kilometers and will find recreation centre, which owners in most cases will give you and your motorhome place for the night. Of course, you have in advance to inquire about the conditions of each recreation centre. The edition of the guide has been chosen the recreation centre «Klyovoye myesto» on the line E105 like the best place for the rest for caravenners. The base is situated in several kilometers from the Federal line “Russia”. After 396 km. from Moscow near the GAI post you have to turn under the trafficator to the direction to «Dolgiye Borodi» («Долгие Бороды»[IMG]/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/Custom/emoticons/wink.gif[/IMG]" align="absMiddle" border="0" src="/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/Custom/emoticons/wink.gif" />. Then, on the 7 kilometer you have to turn to the right under the trafficator to the direction to «Russkaya ribalka» («Русская рыбалка»[IMG]/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/Custom/emoticons/wink.gif[/IMG]" align="absMiddle" border="0" src="/DesktopModules/NTForums/themes/Custom/emoticons/wink.gif" />. «Klyovoye myesto» is situated on the very picturesque place on the pine wood. The occupation there is fishing. There is a lake on the territory of the base, which has been specially dug for people, spending their time on the base. If you like nature, then such place is especially for you: silent, quiet, cosy and with a very good equipment. Almost each corner is devoted to fishing here. Mirror carp, grass carp, silver carp, japan carp, sturgeon – this all kinds of the fish can flog the fisher. On the coast of lake the are made special bridges for fishermen, crickets, canopies and mangals. To flog the sturgeon costs 700 Rub, the trout will manage in 400 Rub. And if you want to flog one kilo of a carp it will cost 500 Rub.One of the advantages of «Klyovoye myesto» — is an excellent service. You can arrive here without any luggage, and already here take for the rent everything, that you need — tent, fishing tackles, tourist equipment. You can always cook a fish-soup, smoke the fish, which you cought, to make a kebab and to roast mushrooms. But it is not obligatory to do it — in the cafe will prepare for you everything that you want. This place is proud not only about the fishing. You can walk on the beautiful Valdai woods, gathering mushrooms and berries, driving by the boats will make your rest unforgettable. The territory is guarded, so, no one will disturb you. There are some wooden small houses in the territory, residing in which will cost 850 Rub. Rooms are equipped with a standard set of the furniture. But there is no TV and refrigerators. Here there is a parking specially for the motorhomes. Parking is not protected, it is so, probably for the reason, that not far from this place is a residence of a president of the Russian Federation. So, you can easy stop there for spending the night. You have to ask the administration of the base, where you can plum the wastewater. The reservation is necessary beforehand
Advices to the camper exploitation in Russia
In spite of the fact, that in the country the is practically no campings of the European sample, all household problems in the motorhomes during the travel through Russia are simply solved. Filling the gas-cylinder Empty gas-cylinder is absolutely nopportunely during the holiday, especially during the travel across Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. However, this problem is solved by the correct approach. Fortunately, on the travel across the Europe the question of the gas refueling plays a supporting role. Owing to a dense network of filling stations it is possible to change quickly an empty cylinder ona full one. And you do not need any special adapter for filling your gas-cylinder. Usually In Europe you can simply change empty gas-cylinder to a full one, in Russia is not so -you can not change it, you have to fill it. During the travel on expanses of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belorussia you do not need to buy special Russian gas-cylinder. A lot of big Russian gas stations will change your German gas-cylinder to a new Russian. Others will suggest just refueling your cylinder. To your gas-cylinder will be connected a hose and in 10 minutes this problem will be solved. We recommend to fill your gas-cylinder only on the large gas stations. Of course, it would be better, if you will take to the journey two 11 kg cylinders. Then, you will not have problems with gas. Such tankage will enough for a long time. FILLING A PURE WATER TO THE MOTORHOME It is possible on many Russian gas stations to fill camper with pure water. Besides, on the road you will often see stations with water. Also, you can fill your camper with a water from the well. Probably, it will take some time. MERGING THE WASTEWATER There is no particularized campings in Russia, where you can find special places for pluming the wastewater. So, it is necessary to get rid of the wastewater on the gas stations, which have hatches or sewerage system. It is possible to pour out the wastewater in any suitable place, because it will not pollute to an environment. CLEANING THE TOILET BIOCAPSULE To clear a biocapsule of the toilet in Russia is possible on any parking or gas station. On the majority of paid parking, gas stations there are stationary toilets, where you can without any problems merge a liquid from a biocapsule.
Getting to Russia by Your Own Car
For a long time Russia was closed to most of the western world, behind the infamous ‘Iron Curtain’. However, events in the last two decades have seen Russia, and its government become more accessible to the rest of the world. Tourists are interested about the cultural and architectural delights of Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Foreign business links with Russia are also on the increase. So, If you decided to begin your trip from one of the Baltic states, Finland or Sweden, then making the trip by your own car to Russia may be a good option. In Russia there are a lot of tourists, which travel by car from these countries, as well as a steady flow of second-hand cars imported to Russia from Germany. Of course, for the one hand it is very difficult to travel by car, you have not so much time to sleep, some parking places are so noisy, that you even can not close your eyes. About inconvenience we can debate for a long time. But…let us talk about advantage of such kind of travel. When you travel by the car, you have so much time, just to look around, to stop and delight the sights. You do not have problems in booking fly, train tickets… It is so comfortable and interesting! There are means, that the customs regulations are quite straightforward and the infrastructure on the road is good. However, this also means longer queues at some border crossing points. Sometimes, it would be better to avoid traveling through Belarus and Ukraine, because it is the main route for second-hand car importers and trucks. In addition, you will have to deal with more border regulations on the way. But, in that case, if you decide to go this way, keep E30 motorway, which crosses Brest and Minsk (Belorussia) and after that passes through Smolensk in Russia and finishes in Moscow. It would be better to enter Russia through the border with Latvia, Estonia or Finland, as all of them belong to same economic area (EU), which means, that there will be less hassle. The shortest route from Poland to Russia avoiding Belarus (and thus transit visa hassle) is to travel through Kaunas (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and entering Russia near Pskov city. If you will go from Finland, Nujimaa/Bruschnishnaya custom is usually quite fast, while Valimaa/Torfjanak usually has longer queues. The border between Latvia and Russia is usually not too busy, but it depends: sometimes you can get through the border in 20 minutes; sometimes you might have to wait 2 hours. But, when you will come to Russia, then you will not meet there any customs. On the Russian territory there are no customs. It is very easy in Russia to get petrol and diesel. There are generally 4 types on sale: 95, 92, 80 or 76 (for old Russian cars), and diesel fuel. The 95 petrol costs about 0.7 $ per/L, diesel is about 0.6 $ per/L. So, as you see, it is about twice less than in Europe and more expensive than in USA. But, sometimes, there might be problems with the quality of the fuel, so it’s better to use petrol stations that have some sort of brand name (BP, TNK, LukoiL are the best ones).
Реклама "Атласа кемпингов"
Мы в городе
[IMG]/Portals/0/img/forum_upload2/nn/реклама выставки.jpg[/IMG]
Мы на СТС!
В программе "Истории в деталях" будет рассказано о предстоящей выставке, о дне автопутешесветнника. Возможно в передаче покажут кадры с наших предыдущих мероприятий.   канал СТС.   передача "История в деталях"   09 06 в 18 30   10 06 в 00 00   11 06 в 9 00   После выхода передачи, видео будет выложено на нашем сайте.
13 июня. II Международный День Автопутешественника. План мероприятий и правила для участников мероприятия.
Дорогие друзья и коллеги, компания «Авто Трэвел», Клуб караванеров, журнал «Автокемпер» приглашают вас на II Международный день автопутешественника, который состоится 12-13 июня 2008 года в г. Сестрорецк у озера Разлив. Это единственное в России специализированное мероприятие, посвященное отдыху в домах на колесах, автомобилях, с палатками. В мероприятии примут участие владельцы домов на колесах, автопутешественники, любители активного отдыха и спорта. Ожидаемое количество участников до 1000 человек. [B]Предварительный план мероприятия 12 июня[/B] 10 00 - размещение участников праздника в кемпинге 17 00 - заседание Клуба караванеров [B]13 июня[/B] 11 00 - встреча у Санкт-петербургского буддийского храма «Дацан Гунзэчойнэй». 11 00 - посещение утренней медитации, 12 00 - ознакомление с религией и культурой Востока. Экскурсия в "Дацан Гунзэчойнэй». 13 00 - фуршет с традиционной тибетской кухней Стоимость экскурсии с фуршетов составляет 150 р. 13 00 - построение в автоколонну и отправление в кемпинг в г. Сестрорецк 14 00 - прибытие в кемпинг, расстановка машин на территории 14 30 - интерактивная развлекательная программа. Олимпиада караванеров. 16 00 - праздничный обед 16 30 - шоу-программа (фокусы, танцы) 17 00 - презентация книги "Отпуск за рулем". общение с автором 18 00 - вручение призов победителям Олимпиады. вручение наград и дипломов отличившимся в отрасли 20 00 - торжественный запуск в небо шаров с символикой клуба 21 00 - дискотека под живую музыку 1 00 - отбой [B]14 июня[/B] - экскурсия в сарай-шалаш В.И. Ленина в Разливе
Первая российская выставка домов на колесах «Caravan Show»
С 12 по 14 июня 2008 года в кемпинге «Шалаш» в г. Сестрорецк состоится Первая российская выставка домов на колесах. Организаторами выставки являются компания «Авто Трэвел», Клуб караванеров и журнал «Автокемпер». Общая площадь выставки составит более 1500 кв. м. Выставка будет состоять из двух основных разделов: 1. В разделе «Дома на колесах» будут представлены компании, которые работают на рынке автокемперов, туристических прицепов-дач и мобильных домиков для кемпингов и баз отдыха; занимаются продажей аксессуаров для автодомов и автодач и сдачей в аренду техники для отдыха . Вниманию посетителей будут представлены самые известные бренды Европы в мире автодач и автокемперов. 2. В разделе «Автопутешествия» будет представлено оборудование для автопутешествий и активного отдыха: навигационные системы, квадроциклы, велосипеды и прочее. «Caravan S how» – это первая специализированная выставка домов на колесах в России. Ожидается, что мероприятие посетит несколько тысяч человек. Посетители выставки – это люди, имеющие непосредственное отношение к автопутешествиям и путешествиям в домах на колесах. Эта выставка является важным событием в жизни активно развивающейся отрасли. Уже сейчас в России более тысячи человек путешествуют в домах на колесах. Посещение выставки позволит реально оценить достижения и перспективы развития отрасли караванинга в России. Выставка домов на колесах будет проходить в рамках II Международного дня автопутешественника. Мероприятие будет сопровождаться насыщенной программой развлечений. На территории выставки во время проведения мероприятия будут выделены площадки для тест-драйвов и массовых зрелищных мероприятий. Мероприятие будет широко освещаться в российских СМИ (отраслевые автомобильные журналы, общегородская и деловая пресса, интернет порталы, радио, телевидение). В соответствии с мировой практикой работа Первой российской выставки домов на колесах будет организована следующим образом: 12 июня – заезд участников. 13 июня – выставка будет открыта для посетителей. В рамках выставки будет проходить II Международный день автопутешественника 14 июня – выставка открыта для посетителей Выставка будет работать с 12 по 14 июня с 10.00 до 19.00 Аккредитация СМИ и вопросы партнерства по телефону: +7 921 444 22 84
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Форум о путешествиях, домах на колесах и кемпингах. Выбор маршрута путешествия, поиск попутчиков, отчеты о путешествиях. Клуб караванеров России, клубы караванеров других стран, совместные встречи, мероприятия и слеты. Кемпинги России и других стран, отзывы, все вопросы по созданию кемпингов. Создание и переоборудование обычных ТС в автодома и прицепы-дачи, в том числе внедорожные, рекомендации и советы. Подбор, покупка и продажа домов на колесах, автодомов, прицепов-дач. Подбор, покупка и продажа аксессуаров для домов на колесах, автодомов, прицепов-дач.